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2010 News Archive

1st September 2010

tv Retractable Safety Scalpel

The tv Retractable safety scalpel supports and enhances safe passing procedures and protocols already practiced within the Operating Room and Theatres. Colour-coded for ease of blade shape recognition the scalpels now feature a stronger temporary forward lock position to prevent uncontrolled retraction when contact with bone during use, an additional notch to hold the blade more securely in the passing position and a rear permanent lock to be engaged prior to final disposal in a sharps container.

31st August 2010

ODP Award Winner 2010

David Fotheringham Brears, professional lead in Operating Department Practice at Sheffield Hallam University was proud to present the Annual tv prize for outstanding academic achievement for 2010 to Victoria Richardson.

2nd August 2010

The Skin Graft range from tv

With three models to choose from, namely the Braithwaite, Cobbett and Watson, our Stainless Steel Skin Graft Knife Handles are used in conjunction with the sterile 158mm Skin Graft Blades for harvesting "Macro" or "Major" Skin Grafts. The knives have an in-built adjustable guard which can limit the maximal thickness of the graft harvested depending on the properties of the skin at the donor site.

7th July 2010

A Blade Remover for "all" occasions

The tv Blade Remover allows for safe and easy removal of all sizes of scalpel blade from both No.3 and No.4 handles.

Unlike most sharp's removal devices it is supplied sterile thus allowing it to be included on the instrument tray within the OR itself and to be used at the site of the invasive procedure.

1st April 2010

The Refined Choice

Developed for potentially more complex and challenging surgical procedures which may be encountered in such disciplines as reconstruction, ophthalmic, cardiology, dental implantology and even hair restoration the surgeons may choose the Fine range.

1st March 2010

There's no point to our Stitch cutter...

Designed with a rounded bull nose tip the tv family of Stitch Cutter's are ideal for the purpose of cutting modern suture materials whilst minimizing patient discomfort.

2nd February 2010

The Pathologists First Choice.....

As part of their diverse range of surgical blades and handles, tv include a choice of two handle and blade combinations specifically designed for use within Post Mortem examination.

The PM40 and PM60 range are used by the pathologist during Forensic and Clinical Autopsy and Post Mortem Diagnosis procedures. Both include a Bull nose blade for added safety and protection against accidental sharps injuries.

1st February 2010

Pretoria Award Presented

The 2009 annual tv Award for the best overall student in General Surgery at the University of Pretoria was finally awarded in early February to Dr. van Marle at a short ceremony held in Pietermaritzburg.